New wine tasting series

At Bucci’s Cellar we have been organising wine tastings for a while. It has been a series of events which follow the tastings of the WSET Level 2 course themes: tasting technique, wine making and climate effects on wine, international varieties and main wine styles. This is a quick way of getting a grasp at how different wine can be and what are the standards. From here then we developed further and explored more styles and regional expressions. The world of wine is vast so there’s a never ending list of wine to taste.
Every event is concluded with a pairing exercise which often transforms in a feast.

Along with the new tasting events we want to restart the basic tastings so to get more and more people onboard and allow them to enjoy the more specific tastings. If you are interested in joining our wine tastings, please leave your contact details and we’ll be in touch soon.






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